Osama Younis

UX Consultant and Front End Engineer
" My passion is to help build and develop fast,
accessible and easy to use websites and web applications. "
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I offer a set of high quality services aiming to develop and improve websites and web apps
and thus help increase visitors and make them valued users.

Cost-effective Solutions

I help choose the best solutions that guarantee website continuity and achieve balance between website goals and its targeted users.

Problem solving

I assess websites and web apps weakness points including usability, accessibility, SEO, web responsive design, user experience, front end development and diagnose programming problems and bugs and help solve them efficiently.

User experience optimization

I evaluate users’ needs and build simple perfect website that meet their desires and expectations and thus guaranteeing returning visit.

Web Usability and Accessibility

I make websites user friendly and easy to use and accessible through different devices.

Website speed optimization

I optimize websites response and loading time to reduce hosting and bandwidth cost.

Web animation and interactive design

I create an attractive unique user experience by adding suitable animation and interactive design.

Design and development solutions

I add convenient programming enhancements and modifications to websites and web apps design.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

I make websites stand out in search results and make search results appear in a suitable, attractive way.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

I modify websites and web apps to fit into different types of screens including tablets and smart phones.

Previous work

A sample of the projects in which I participated.

uconverters logo

Units Converter

Free,simple and user friendly, it is online tool to convert between measurement units of length, weight and volume

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United Nations Volunteers

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme has evolved greatly over the past 42 years in terms of the size and spread of its mandate, results and activities, driven by the changing external environment for peace.

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European Stability Mechanism

The ESM’s mission is to provide financial assistance to euro area countries experiencing or threatened by severe financing problems. This assistance is granted only if it is proven necessary to safeguard the financial stability of the euro area as a whole and of ESM Members.

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Porta Polonica

Porta Polonica

Culture and history of Poles in Germany Porta Polonica – a digital documentation centre mainly concentrating on collection, preservation, research, presentation, and mediation.

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Freelance consultant in user experience (UX) and Front-end development.

I worked and offered many consultations and greatly contributed to many companies’ success through the accurate diagnosis of problems and challenges that faced websites and web apps and helped to find right solutions to increase visitors and users.

Through my 15-year extended experience, I contributed in developing a wide range of governmental and international websites in middle east and EU.

I am looking forward to helping more companies develop their own successful websites and web apps that meet their goals.

A sample of the projects in which I participated


Always glad to help build and develop your business.

If you are focus on Arabic users, contact me for consultation or discussing your next project